Fake social media accounts busted! Zee Business has no Telegram or Youtube channel for stock market tips: Market Guru Anil Singhvi to investors


If you are an investor in the Indian stock markets and often take investment tips from social media, then you must become alert. This is because fake stock tips from social media groups on platforms like Telegram, Signal, WhatsApp or Youtube could rob you off all your hard-earned money.

Many such fake groups which were operating in the name of Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi were recently busted. These groups were giving fake investment and trading tips in the name of Market Guru.

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These fake groups were running fraud business to rob retail investors of their hard earned money.

Zee Business would like to clarify that there is no such group on any social media platform like Telegram, WhatsApp or Youtube where any stock tip is given by Anil Singhvi or any other Zee Business employee.

There is no personal channel of Zee Business or any of its employee including “me” on Telegram, or any other messaging platform, Anil Singhvi said.

Market Regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India has made a team to nab such offenders. The market regulator apprehended at least six people from Gujarat who operated a group on Telegram called ‘Bull Run 2017’ who use to offer fake tips to retail investors.

These people were accused of making 2.84 cr income in 10 months. They were neither Sebi-registered analyst nor were allowed to offer market related tips.

In a SEBI order, it is clearly mentioned that all the money duped by them will be recovered.

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In a planned manner, these fraud advisors first buy penny stocks in bulk which raises prices of these share, though not significantly. The retail investors associated with these stocks often start buying these stocks on rise. This leads to a further price in prices. Then these fraud advisors book profit in these shares.


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