One thing parents are serious about is securing their child’s future financially. While doing financial planning, the top priority for every parent should be to invest on behalf of their children. Building a corpus for securing your child’s future may need you to remain invested for a longer period of time, thereby achieving all the goals of your child. Children’s gift funds are open-ended having a lock in period of five years or till the child attains the age of maturity, whichever is earlier. The objective of these funds is to generate wealth by investing in equity, debt and money market instruments that gives a much-needed diversification to the portfolio. You must start filling the SuperKids Wallet at the time of child birth through monthly SIP route. Also you should top up this wallet on special days like child’s birthday, festivals, days of academic excellence, etc. The wealth created in this wallet can be utilized for child’s higher education, wedding or even to start his/her journey to wealth creation.

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